Young Adult

Released in 2013 from Battered Suitcase Press.

Every boy sees his grandfather as something of a legend, and Richard Petty Schultz is no exception.  His Poppy fought the Nazis during the War and notched seventeen confirmed kills before a sniper’s bullet left him blind in one eye.  In peacetime, the man survived heartbreak, cancer, bankruptcy, and a stroke.  Most importantly, Poppy Schaeffer built the Eiffel Tower, which made Christmas everything that it is today. 

But even the greatest of men have to die sometime.  Over the course of one hot summer weekend, Richard narrates from his eighth-grade perspective as he and the rest of the tourist-trap community of Christmas, Florida, struggle to come to terms with Poppy’s impending death.  A legend of a man who drew in traffic from across the Southeast by building scale replicas of French monuments using nothing but empty beer cans and quick dry cement, Poppy Schaeffer’s passing marks the end of an era for a town that has itself been dying for years, thanks to an untimely Interstate bypass. 

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Released in 2011 from Vagabondage Press.  

Abraham Lincoln Jenkins is a teenage vandal, social activist, and aspiring revolutionary.  But with only four months left until his high school graduation, Abraham’s lifelong dream of attending Harvard College is put in jeopardy when he learns that he is still in need of two core credit hours in Physical Education.  Unfortunately for Abraham, the only available spaces in a P.E. class are as a cadet in the Army’s JROTC program! 
OUTSPOKEN is the story of Abraham’s unsuccessful attempts to make a quick exit from military life over the course of four months and several brushes with the law. Told almost exclusively through complaint letters, OUTSPOKEN is the natural result of the War on Terror colliding with the War on Christmas.

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