Released in 2011 from Solstice Publishing, available at Amazon!

Goosey Larsen isn't your average detective, and it's doubtful that he'll ever reach that level of performance.  His annual personnel review described him as someone who "lacks motivation" and "needs to improve his interpersonal skills." 

Goosey can usually be found coming in late or sneaking out early, but when dead bodies start turning up in downtown Charleston, Goosey is forced to do the one thing he hates most:  policework.

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Released in 2013 from Solstice Publishing, now available at Amazon

Things are heating up in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, as a series of suspicious house fires have the police department on high alert.  Presumably the work of a serial arsonist, the fires have the entire city in a panic.  Only one man can solve the case…if he would only bother to show up for work!

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Scheduled for released on August 20, 2016.  Pre-order your copy from Amazon today!

Goosey Larsen is back!  After a professional stumble derails his career, the once-proud detective finds himself stuck on a foot patrol beat in Charleston's historic City Market.  The only way to break out of this demeaning new assignment is to prove his law enforcement prowess to the Chief, which means that every drunk and bum within walking distance is cowering in fear of the one-man cleanup squad.  As with most of Goosey's cases, however, things are never quite as simple as they appear...

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